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We were just at the 2017 Calgary Maker Faire. Read all about it here: Calgary Maker Faire


We’ve been making the community festive with our window displays and model rentals. Hi Jinx Toys has been enjoying our light-up Brick-Pumpkins and Brick-Ghosts.


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e.c. MacCallum

Eric C. MacCallum is an Industrial Designer, Artist and Entrepreneur from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

His affinity for Lego bricks and design background has allowed him to bring Lego models and sculptures to North America, China, Japan, and LEGOLAND parks.

He has always had an affinity for the Lego brand bricks and aspired to use this medium to build on his artistic vision. As an aesthetic medium, designer bricks allowed Eric to build and reconfigure as his innovative imagination envisaged. With time and experience, Eric’s work gravitated towards such sculptural projects as architectural models, city and landscapes, mosaics, prop design and prototyping. His inspirations and dreams led Eric toward opening his own Art and Design studio in 2013 where he successfully designed 3D models and built live models for clients worldwide. In 2015, his building skills afforded him the pleasure of working as a Build-floor Team-leader for Merlin Magic Making (LEGOLAND) Florida where he led his team of builders to work on his architectural projects such as: the Shanghai Museum, England House in Kobe, Japan, and Soldier Stadium. His driven passion for brick-building artistry alongside his educational background in Math and Economics have paved the way for facilitating not only teaching brick design in schools and community-led events, but being featured in Calgary’s Maker Faire in 2015 and hosting the Games and Entertainment at Northern Bricks Eek! Fest Exposition of the same year. He has inspired others to view brick-building as something profoundly more than play. To Eric, “Electrifying others and inspiring them to envision their world through brick-modeling design is an enthralling and rewarding pursuit that may cement a fundamental change in the way we construct not only our individual realities, but those of our global neighbours.” Eric’s ultimate vision is to propel brick-building artistry to the stage of product design that is personalized and geared to each individual’s needs and creative predilections.